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Get the price you’re offered the same amount you’re billed—no hidden charges! This is the American 5 Star Limousine promise. We provide flat rates excluding gas, refreshments, or commute fees.

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Professional drivers at the wheel at all times.
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As parents ourselves, we know just how proud you are seeing your once little kids all grown up and dressed for their proms or going for field trips. We also know that with this fulfillment comes constant worry for their safety as you see them head out.

You don’t have to worry like this with our reputable professionals at the wheel as all our employed drivers are prescreened, certified, and have undergone background checks. They will pick up your teens on time, and more importantly, drop them off on time. We can also guarantee that our drivers will practice only the most professional behavior at all times. The best yet, we offer all these guarantees at a significantly low price.

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