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Get the price you’re offered the same amount you’re billed—no hidden charges! This is the American 5 Star Limousine promise. We provide flat rates excluding gas, refreshments, or commute fees.

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Easily schedule your limo arrangements by booking online with us! All you need to do is fill out the forms below. We will notify you by email to confirm.
Needing a special kind of assistance? We can help with that, too! Just include it in the comment section of the form. You may also contact us directly via email at or phone at 800-741-7738.

What’s More?

Guaranteed Worldwide Connections

Looking for a stylish way to travel to your high school prom, a wedding, or simply wanting to impress a business prospect to cinch that deal? We got you covered!

American 5 Star Limousine is no ordinary limo services provider, we are the expert. Providing services to more than 300 airports and their respective surrounding areas across the globe, we understand that finding a trusted limo services provider and one that’s fast and reliable is vital.

To answer this need, we took on simplifying the research and reservation process by creating a user-friendly, Internet-based limousine services reservation system. Now finding the service you need that fits your criteria is only a few clicks away. You may also request for a free, no-obligation, no hidden charges estimate here.

Within a few hours, your quote will arrive via email. At that time, you can reserve a limousine, sedan or van of your choice for your transportation needs.

For your guidance:

  • All online reservations must be made at least 12 hours in advance
  • If you don’t have 12 hours, call us directly to 800-741-7738