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Get the price you’re offered the same amount you’re billed—no hidden charges! This is the American 5 Star Limousine promise. We provide flat rates excluding gas, refreshments, or commute fees.

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Extensive handpicked delivery services + 70 years’ worth of ground transportation management experience is something that only a handful of limo services provider can boast of; yet, we offer this exactly at American 5 Star Limousine.

With our proven flexibility and reliability as our foundation, having the ability to accommodate the changing schedules of the business professionals we serve, and dealing with short-notice appointments with unrelenting enthusiasm and professionalism, it’s no surprise then that American 5 Star Limousine has become synonymous with customer satisfaction and commitment.

Why Us?

Choosing American 5 Star Limousine means gearing yourself up to satisfaction. Each of our strategic partners has been personally selected by members of our management staff which is how we are able to provide personalized solutions to their unique needs and ground transportation services that will always exceed expectations.

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