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Get the price you’re offered the same amount you’re billed—no hidden charges! This is the American 5 Star Limousine promise. We provide flat rates excluding gas, refreshments, or commute fees.

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Finally, there’s a better way to enjoy your trip! At American 5 Star Limousine, we make it a personal goal to help you accomplish your business goals by taking you to where you need to be. Whether it may be to the airport or a business meeting, arriving at your destination through our fleet of limousines is guaranteed to be your most stylish and convenient ride yet.

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Gorgeous, well-maintained vehicles designed to take you to places conveniently and in style no matter the occasion.

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We proudly serve the states of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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Client Review

Christina Bella

I have been booking reservations for my boss for the past year or so. His schedule is very demanding, but with American 5 Star Limousine, I never had to worry. Their staff is very flexible and courteous!

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